One of my closest friends wants to be a wildlife photographer.

These photos make me jealous.

I’m currently surrounding by rolling hills covered in that pesky white stuff, and what better way to remind us all of the beauty and magic of snow than to gaze upon our old favourite, Pascal Campion?

The work of Jeff Soto is truly enchanting.

His work takes inspiration from graffiti, nostalgia and popular culture, and the result is colourful, bold pieces that suck you in and keep you there.


There’s nothing more lovely than having really talented friends, and the means to thrust them into the much-deserved spotlight.

Introducing Hannah Doyle, a young photographer with a wide lens and a big heart.

Her flickr is a myriad of photographs, ranging from abstract explorations of meaning and form, to concrete observations of the generally overlooked. All of her photographs fill me with joy and allow me to truly share in her adventures, which is just what I want when she lives so far from me.

What more do you want from a photographer?